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Introducing Ebraheem, the main cast of Netflix's Dubai Bling, and the brand ambassador for REJUVE+

Who is Dubai Bling’s richest cast member, Ebraheem Al Samadi? He made US$40,000 from eBay resales by age 15 and built his Forever Rose empire – now he splurges his millions on Rolex and Mercedes

Forever Rose entrepreneur Ebraheem Al Samadi joined Dubai Bling’s 10 millionaire cast members for the reality TV show’s first season, giving a glimpse into the ultra-extravagant lives of the UAE’s super-rich – with, of course, plenty of hell-raising drama.

He stars alongside Loujain Adada, Kris Fade, Brianna Fade, DJ Bliss, Diva Dee, Farhana Bodi, Zeina Khoury, Lojain Omran and Safa Siddiqui.

Ever since Netflix released the show in late October, reality TV fans have gone wild for these OTT socialites and the sensational dynamics between them. But one particular bachelor has won some hearts (and inevitably, haters).

Al Samadi was born in 1988, in Kuwait, and raised in the US. His father is a wealthy Kuwaiti hotelier and his mother is American. Al Samadi was raised in Florida with his mum after his parents split up when he turned 13, per Global Citizen.

The youngest of five siblings, young Al Samadi bid his early luxurious life goodbye when he moved in with his mum in her one-bedroom flat, and began saving to start a business when he was just 14 years old, according to multiple reports.

The budding businessman saw his career blossom when he launched his first entrepreneurial empire: an eBay resale operation that earned him about US$40,000 by the time he reached 15, per Global Citizen.

“I had a very good understanding at a young age of what to sell to who,” he told Arabian Business.

When he realised he was restricted under US child labour law to work no more than 20 hours a week, he wrote to the Florida senator requesting to test early for his high school diploma. He told Arabian Business that his appeal was granted and he passed his test with flying colours. The Arab-American turned 20 hours into 80 hours a week, working jobs from a lifeguard and rose-seller to an assistant buyer at a department store.

Is he the richest cast member of Dubai Bling? Apparently so, according to several media outlets. Thanks to his savvy business acumen, he’s worth about US$50 million, reports Women’s Health Magazine.


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